2012 Canadian Electrician C of Q Practice Tool

2012 Canadian Electrician C of Q Practice Tool 2.1

The program contains over 1,700 sample questions for Construction Electricians
2.1 (See all)

Based on the 2012 Canadian Electrical Code Part I, this tool features over 1,700 sample questions and covers each block, task and sub-task in the Red Seals Occupational Analysis for the Construction Electrician including:
Block A – Occupational Skills (4 tasks)
Block B – Distribution and Services (5 tasks)
Block C – Branch Circuit Wiring (4 tasks)
Block D – Motor and Control Systems (2 tasks)
Block E – Extra Low Voltage Systems (2 tasks)
Block F – Upgrading, Maintenance, and Repair (2 tasks)
Highlights include:
A wrong answer report, showing you the right solution, highlighting any relevant code requirement and giving you directions to other learning resources to help you get it right the next time.
A 3-hour timer, for when you want to practice a 'reality' test against the clock to see how you're doing.
A report summary, giving you feedback on your test and your percentage of correct answers

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